Monday, June 14, 2010

curious and curiouser

I said I would post my finished photography collage project, so here it is! I may do a bit more work on it to age it but this is pretty much the final version.


  1. Hi Katie, I was at your fabulous concert on Sat. night. Who would have known it was your first concert. So many talents on one stage.
    (I am Auntie to K.Y. and E.Y. by the way).
    Good luck with your bike ride. I admire you for doing this.
    I love your collage of you and Lydia by the way.
    I want to know about your end of the summer concert. Must speak to K.Y. about this!

  2. That's gorgeous!!!! So cute and I love the colours!

  3. Wow impressionnant!! C'est toi qui l'a fait? C'est magnifique!!