Thursday, November 19, 2009

absence makes the heart grow?

sooo i'm definitely not the best for posting frequently... nor will I ever claim to be. but in lieu of excuses, this is my online store that i have been working on. my best friend and i are also in the works of having another (our second) vintage clothing sale next month. this plus school, work and an attempted social life makes things very busy lately... but i love it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

ooh la la la seattle

today i left for seattle to go to a wonderfully exciting 3-day music festival. the day, reserved for shopping and travel, was quickly interrupted by a spur of the moment photo shoot. my best friend and i pulled over and trespassed a tad, however, we ended up with some gorgeous early morning sunrise shots. thanks to lydia's excellent photography, i now have some pictures to post!

white tank..superstore
floral vest..thrifted
denim shorts..american eagle (ages ago)
black tights..superstore
black leather boots..thrifted
brown leather belt..thrifted
scarf..random hippie yardsale

Thursday, August 13, 2009

day off work = diy

began my day off with some sewing. i was halfway through making my high-waisted, flouncy skirt (made from this amazing brown, green and turquoise floral fabric I found in the discount bin at a local sewing store) wheeen i got the machine stuck. must wait for my mom to come home from work to help me fix it. going to try my hand at tie-dye bleaching a pair of old denim jeans to pass the afternoon. will post photos when i get my hands on a camera since mine is, sadly, lying broken in the bottom of a flour tin in my room along with other various failed technology. hoping to replace it asap. wish me luck! ill leave you with the levi's im using as my inspiration...

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