Wednesday, April 7, 2010

you've got me standing in an awkward position

This was my first print project in my first semester of University done back in 2007. The theme was conflict and I was (obviously :P) thinking of the conflict between your head and your heart. I didnt realize until recently though the ties that this piece has to recent themes that Ive been exploring. My interest in children's storybook illustrations and the compromise of innocence for experience had been recently developed, i had thought. Apparently not. Its interesting how things begin to link and come full circle. eerie.

they have play

This is my band! I made a collage of pictures and traced us out with my tablet. I tried to find a picture of us all doing something with our hands haha. Quite fun :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i should be sleeping like a log

Finally nearing the end of the semester which means the onslaught of projects and papers begins. I had reserved tonight for getting started on my 12 page art history paper, which turned into me playing guitar and dicking around in photoshop. Productive.

Guilt of not working on homework has prevented me from taking any pictures recently, I can't wait for these next few weeks to be over. Im super stoked for my photography course that starts in May and since its the only class im taking I will actually be able to enjoy it. Yay! But for now, I will have to be satisfied with posting some older things.

I figured that I should probably post some of my own art, so here it is! This was my final project of my last semester's print class. It is a combination of photo, etching, and digital editing. This is one of my favorite print projects that I have done, I had the most fun working on it.