Friday, July 30, 2010

im good, im gone

GOOD NEWS! l.o. and I officially have a place to live! Moving day is Sunday which means a flurry of packing/getting rid of things that I don't need. Somehow 40 some odd pairs of shoes now seems less convenient than it did when i was buying those.. 40 some odd pairs of shoes. I scored some free furniture (thank you residents of my neighborhood for kindly getting rid of your dresser and shelving unit) which I sanded and painted today in the crazy heat that has suddenly hit Abbotsford. I also have generous family members who are happy to give me their old kitchen items and even a couch! Everything is coming together, I just have to be very careful with my closet planning. A.k.a. attempting to fit all of my clothes... into a closet. Yikes.

I'm very excited to paint and reupholster a kitchen table and chairs set that my mom donated to the k.d. and l.o. fund, which I will have to do tomorrow morning before work. I am thinking of sticking with the off-white-almost-cream color that I painted the other furniture, and using either black and white printed fabric or charcoal and white. I'll have to take a trip down to the fabric store and see whats on sale. The shelving unit that I acquired is extremely cute and has a scalloped detail above the top shelf. If I don't use it as a bookshelf I think I will put my heels on the shelves. Impractical, maybe... but a little bit adorable. I will post pictures when the paint has all dried. The basement suite that we are moving into is painted a pretty lilac color, so I figured neutrals would be a safe bet.

The biggest problem that I am facing is trying to decide on what needs to be taken vs. what it is that I want to take. I technically don't need to bring my sewing stuff, store items (which is still under construction and hopefully going to be turned into an Etsy store credit card pending), painting supplies (no fun studio courses this semester :( ) and other art things like my old book collection and collage stuff. The thing is... I want it all in case I end up needing something! Its nice moving from my parent's house because they are letting me keep whatever I would like at the house still, but that almost makes it harder to decide what to take. Good thing we are starting the move a month before school starts. This is gunna take a while...

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